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You want to bring a new idea to life. At Connecticut Innovations, work with a team that shares your passion for possibilities—and backs it up with capital, strategic guidance and connections to a valuable network of partners and resources… the support you need to succeed.

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Tap into flexible financing capital for every stage of business development.
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Full Potential recently featured our very own Matt McCooe on a recent show that goes deep into people’s career development

Have a listen – you’ll get to hear about how a scrappy kid from New Jersey came to be CEO of Connecticut Innovations. Follow this winding road that includes living in hand-me-down clothes until grade 8, hawking T-shirts, picking up a second language and contributing to social good.

Listen here
Matt McCooe CEO
venture portfolio

Explore some of the companies in our primary investment areas that are now making progress with Connecticut Innnovation’s support.

Connecticut: Where Science Lives

This initiative highlights the life sciences opportunities in Connecticut and attracts new businesses to the state, while supporting existing businesses. It was prompted by state legislation passed in 2018 to position Connecticut as a leader in life sciences.

Learn more
Angel Investor Tax Credit Program For Investors

Allows angels an opportunity to receive a tax credit by investing in a qualified Connecticut business.

Angel Investor Tax Credit Program For Companies

Provides companies with another way to incentivize angels to invest in their companies.

by the numbers

Bloomberg identifies Connecticut as one of the most innovative states. Read article.

CI is number two in Pitchbook’s report on the top angel and seed investors in healthtech. View report.

In Q1, CI was the most active venture capital investor in New England and the seventh most active VC in the nation. View PitchBook report.

Financial Snapshot