Explore Connections

Tap into Connecticut’s brain trust: a wealth of connections that CI and the state of Connecticut are uniquely able to offer. Since 1989, we’ve grown a network to help you grow your business, including professors, scientists, engineers and management experts at Connecticut’s 40 universities; venture capital investors; leaders in state and local government; commercial real estate specialists; and specialized service providers.


investor relationships

Connecticut ranks fourth in America for private investment in R&D per capita. At CI, we’re a hub for both private and public funding, actively working with some of the most respected VCs, strategic and corporate investors, and angels. We can connect you with movers and shakers who can help you make things happen faster—providing the resources you need for success.

executives in residence

To provide both strategic and tactical guidance, we hire and embed executives for a period of time—at our expense. We match companies with people who have the specific expertise they need—marketing, finance, operations, sales and so on—as well as industry-sector experience.


Sometimes just hearing from other innovators can give you valuable insights about what works and what doesn’t. Even beyond our own expertise at CI, we can introduce you to fellow entrepreneurs who will share their experience and know-how. At each stage of a business’s growth, meet visionaries who’ve taken their idea forward to the next step. Their guidance and enthusiasm will energize you.

industry expertise

If you’re in a technology-intensive sector, you’ll find a CI team that speaks your language, especially in biotech and IT. The case studies here give you a preview of the difference we can make for your ideas, especially the firms that have exited our programs to go on to commercial success.