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In sync with ingenuity.

Creative connections. Empowering new ideas.


We bring the right people together to bring new growth to Connecticut.

The best ideas come out of collaboration. Not just when they’re brainstormed, but when they’re brought to life. At Connecticut Innovations, we help make great things happen by connecting entrepreneurs and established business owners with venture capitalists, angel investors, lenders and other resources—along with our own in-house capital and expertise. Working together, we can power progress.


Our Portfolio

BioscienceMedical DevicesInformation TechnologyClean TechAdvanced Manufacturing

We currently have an array of exciting and innovative startups in our portfolio. Check them out by category of interest.

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We’re always up to something new. And you can find out about it right here.

Matthew McCooe, Chief Executive Officer

Our people. The sparkplugs in the engine of our economy.

When it comes to taking ideas off whiteboards and into the real world, our team has been there, done that. But you’d never know it from our energy and excitement. We love new ideas. Get fired up about new technology. Dig edgy design. We’re geeks, and proud of it. And we’ll bring that passion and experience to each innovation as if it’s our own, as if our success is tied to yours. Because it is.

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