Portfolio Company Benefits

We’re fully invested in your success, and we’re here to support you in all aspects of your journey. We hope you find this package of benefits useful as you scale.

Welcome to Connecticut Innovations! We’re so pleased your company is part of the CI portfolio. By now, you probably know that CI offers more than just strategic funding. That’s because we know the challenges you face, and because we believe in making your path to success as smooth as we possibly can.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, or perhaps even now, you’re going to need to find your next great hire. Polish your presentation. Set up an inbound marketing campaign. Distribute a press release. Find a mentor. The benefits on the following pages, available exclusively to CI portfolio companies, will help you do all this and more. Many services are free; many more are available at startup-friendly prices—all have been chosen by our investment team after careful consideration. See something you like? Simply contact the person listed beneath each benefit to get started.

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