HubSpot offers software designed for startups, giving companies the marketing and sales tools—and support—they need.


Forget burning hours configuring your martech stack and spending money on tools you don’t need. Our partnership with HubSpot gives you access to the company’s Growth Platform, a full suite of software for marketing, sales and customer service (in other words, everything you need to nurture prospects and delight customers), including a built-in CRM. Best of all, the software grows with you, so you won’t have to swap it out as you scale. And it’s available to CI portfolio companies for up to 75 percent off.*


HubSpot is known as a leader in inbound marketing, so it’s no surprise that the company offers a wide selection of useful content, including articles, templates, tips and master classes, to inspire and guide you as you grow. A startup-friendly onboarding experience and 24/7 support ensure a seamless transition to the platform.

Add your favorite tools for less

HubSpot for Startups gives you access to more than 300 integrations, including Gmail, SurveyMonkey, Zapier, Databox and much more. (In other words, your favorite apps will work seamlessly with the platform.) Some apps are free; you can snag many more at startup-friendly prices.

*As of April 2, 2024, startups with under $2 million in funding are eligible for up to 75 percent off HubSpot software in the first year, 50 percent off in the second, and 25 percent off in the third. Startups that have raised more than $2 million in named funding up to and including Series A are eligible for up to 50 percent off in their first year and 25 percent off in the second year.


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