Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable and inexpensive cloud computing services to our portfolio companies.


  • $15,000 credits over two years with one year of business support (up to $5,000)
  • No funding cap so long as company only has one institutional round
  • A company that previously used Activate credits from another investor is no longer eligible to utilize the Connecticut Innovations link
  • Start date for credits is the round’s funding date
  • Credits will take 10 days to show up in account and will apply to that month’s invoice



Migrations are accepted into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) program if the company meets all the following qualifications:

  • Is a startup
  • Has not exited or IPO’d
  • Is venture/accelerator backed
  • Is fast-growing
  • Charges $25K a month on its current provider
  • Has six months’ minimum of communication history

Receive up to three months’ worth of credits based on current spend, with a business-level support credit of $5,000 for one year.

Below are the latest events the AWS Startups team is hosting in June. These events are invite-only and exclusively for startups affiliated with select partners.

MVP CTO Fellowship Q2 2022.| Kicking off June 8
The MVP CTO fellowship is a three-week track designed to give MVP-stage technical founders/CTOs like you expert help with your initial technical challenges. The program consists of 1-hour weekly sessions (attend live or view recording) with expert solution architects covering a different theme each week and access to a Slack workspace to connect with other participants and alumni of the program. The fellowship will run from June 8 to June 29, with sessions on Wednesdays at 9am PT. MVP stage technical founders, CTOs, and tech leads are all encouraged to register.

Bioinformatics Immersion Day for Healthcare and Life Sciences Startups.| Boston, June 23***
When running bioinformatics workloads in the cloud, customers usually need a research environment to test different tools and write custom code, the ability to run these tools and code at scale, and also the ability to chain these tools and code for a full pipeline. This workshop is intended for bioinformatics scientists and engineers that are required to build and maintain bioinformatics tools and pipelines in the cloud. In this workshop you’ll learn how to create a bioinformatics research environment, install and test tools, run these tools at scale, and build a genomics variant calling pipeline. Note: This is a hands-on, in-person workshop in Boston for startups. Please bring your own laptop and you must have an AWS account. If you don’t have an AWS account, sign up for one here.

***Note: This event is hosted on our new AWS Startup Loft platform, a virtual community of on-demand resources and exclusive webinars led by AWS Startup Experts to help your company grow and scale. To register for the event, you’ll be prompted to create an AWS Startup Loft account first (2 minutes). After you verify your account via email, your placement in the workshop will be automatically secured.



If you haven’t yet claimed credits via AWS Activate, the investment by Connecticut Innovations makes you eligible for $15K of AWS credits over two years from investment date.


If interested, contact Stepheni Harpin at: