Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable and inexpensive cloud computing services to our portfolio companies.


  • $15,000 credits over two years with one year of business support (up to $5,000)
  • No funding cap so long as company only has one institutional round
  • A company that previously used Activate credits from another investor is no longer eligible to utilize the Connecticut Innovations link
  • Start date for credits is the round’s funding date
  • Credits will take 10 days to show up in account and will apply to that month’s invoice



Migrations are accepted into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) program if the company meets all the following qualifications:

  • Is a startup
  • Has not exited or IPO’d
  • Is venture/accelerator backed
  • Is fast-growing
  • Charges $25K a month on its current provider
  • Has six months’ minimum of communication history

Receive up to three months’ worth of credits based on current spend, with a business-level support credit of $5,000 for one year.


This program is only available to Connecticut Innovations portfolio companies. All other companies can apply for credits at AWS Activate Credit Package
AWS Activate Portfolio benefits:

  • Cloud credits: Build, grow and scale with up to $25,000 in free AWS Cloud credits valid for two years OR $100,000 valid for one year. (Note: The lifetime maximum for AWS Activate credits is $100,000. Redeeming this one-year offer now will make your company ineligible for additional Activate credits in the future. If you do not anticipate needing up to $100,000 in credits with AWS within the next year, we recommend starting with the $25,000 offer that provides an initial two years of credit runway and maintains your eligibility for $100,000 in the future.)
  • Business support: Receive one year of AWS Business Support (up to $10,000) for 24/7 access to technical support and architectural guidance from AWS Cloud support engineers as you build and test.
  • Exclusive content & offers: Take advantage of discounts, free products, recommended content and a library of AWS services and tools through a personalized AWS Activate console.

To apply, use the link and case-sensitive Organization ID (OrgID) code below. This OrgID is a unique identifier that affiliates you with Connecticut Innovations and should not be shared.

Application link:[[activate][home][]]#/apply/portfolio
Email Tamyra Davis to obtain the organization ID Email:

Before you submit an application

  • Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria under “Activate Portfolio Requirements.”
  • Make sure you have a company website that’s live or a public startup profile (note: staging websites won’t be accepted).
  • When you click the application link, you will be prompted to sign into your AWS account. Make sure to log in to the AWS account where you would like to receive credits, as you won’t be able to transfer credits to another account in the future. If you do not have an AWS account yet, you can open one for free here.
  • Review whether the email address on your Activate application matches the one used to set up your AWS account. If you originally used a personal email for set up, we recommend changing the associated email with your account to a company email address.

It takes 7­–10 business days on average for us to process an application after submission. For more information about the application process, credits and program benefits, check out the AWS Activate FAQ.

If you haven’t yet claimed credits via AWS Activate, the investment by Connecticut Innovations makes you eligible for $15K of AWS credits over two years from investment date.

Upcoming Initiatives

1-1 Time with AWS Experts | Self-Service
What’s not working? Your AWS Team is dedicated to helping portfolio companies achieve their goals and deliver results. AWS Principal Solutions Architect Justin Plock and Fintech Business Strategist Natasha Yeoh will invest 1-1 time to assist you in working through your roadblocks. Email to set up time or if you have any questions.

If interested, contact Doug Roth at: