Application Instructions

General Description
This request for Business Assistance is a brief outline to enable the DECD to determine, on a preliminary basis, the suitability and eligibility of the business to apply for the Accumulated Tax Credit Expansion Program. A current business plan should be included (consult with your Project Manager if assistance is needed). The business plan should include a complete description of the firm, its products and services, and the expansion project.

All information accompanying this Application is confidential and exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.

  • Business Legal Name: List the full legal name of the applicant for financial assistance.
  • Address: Mailing address where correspondence should be sent.
  • Contact Person: If appropriate, include title, phone and email.
  • Project Address (if different): Include full address and country.
  • Type of Business: Include Type of product/service, NAICS Code, federal employer ID#and state tax registration #.
  • Business Ownership: Provide name, title, % of ownership, social security # and indicate if business if minority or woman-owned.
  • Form of Ownership: Indicate the type and date established.
  • Unpaid Taxes: List any including type, amount, past due and payment terms.
  • Estimated Stranded Tax Credits currently on company’s balance sheet must include:
    • R&D amount
    • Outstanding, pending or anticipated claims or litigation against company
    • Personal declaration of bankruptcy or an officer of a company or organization where bankruptcy was declared
    • Receipt of prior state financing and company that provided financing along with amount, program and date received.
  • Environmental Compliance
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Public Disclosure
  • Required documents include:
    • Letter of Good Standing from the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services
    • Interested companies must submit a plan to DECD for investing in venture related activities and the expected outcomes of the investment including:
      • Target markets for investments
      • Expected investment amount/company
      • Stage of companies
      • Expected new jobs in the state
      • Location of companies
  • Certification by Applicant: Must review, sign and date.