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Case Studies • Posted on: Jun 2, 2015

Arvinas (New Haven, Connecticut)


The Innovation

Arvinas, based in New Haven, Conn., is taking a unique approach to combating cancer and other diseases. Instead of inhibiting proteins, the company aims to degrade and remove them from the body entirely. The company’s technology, licensed from Yale University, is based on the work of founder Dr. Craig Crews, the university’s Lewis B. Cullman Professor of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology.

The Assistance

Excited about the potential of Arvinas’s technology and the founding team—and also recognizing that early-stage research and development requires significant funding—the state of Connecticut’s venture capital arm and economic development agency joined forces to support the company’s growth. Last year, Arvinas sought and secured an infusion of $18.55 million, consisting of a $15.3 million Series A investment round and $3.25 million in loan financing. Connecticut Innovations participated alongside private venture capital firms; CI has invested $1.7 million to date. Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development also participated with a $2.5 million loan earmarked for research and development. Arvinas has also taken advantage of CTNext, the state’s innovation ecosystem, for talent acquisition, and is a member of CURE’s Bioscience Clubhouse. CURE honored Dr. Craig Crews as its Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013.

The Outcome

Arvinas is making great strides, adding 20 employees including researchers and management. The company is currently working on multiple programs that may be applicable in several types of cancers and expects to be in human clinical trials by 2016. In April 2015, the company announced a strategic R&D collaboration with Merck; the month before it was named a top spinout in 2013 by Nature Biotechnology. Arvinas continues to work closely with Yale University scientists and is exploring diverse strategic partnering opportunities.


Founded in 2012, Arvinas is a pharmaceutical company that is developing novel therapeutics to treat cancer and pro-inflammatory, autoimmune and rare diseases. Central to Arvinas’s proprietary approach is the targeting of disease-causing proteins for degradation, thus eliminating them from the body. Learn more at

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