Lending Solutions

capital access for business (CAB)

CAB is for small and entrepreneurial Connecticut businesses that are requesting financing that a bank cannot approve without assistance from the program. You can use the proceeds for most business purposes, including working capital, machinery and equipment, and the purchase or upgrading of facilities.

Proceeds cannot be used to fund investment or residential real estate mortgages. Investment mortgages are defined as those that are less than 51 percent business-owner occupied.

How CAB works:

  • CAB provides the bank with a first loss guaranty from 30 to 50 percent (up to a maximum amount of $150,000), depending on the loan amount (loan not to exceed $500,000).
  • CAB loans can be coupled with loans or investments from other public- or private-sector sources.
  • Completion of a loan application is required for enrollment.

We encourage you to reach out or complete an application. Someone from our team will be available to assist you.

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portfolio company lending solutions

The companies in our portfolio are at varying stages of growth, which is why we created a loan program that provides them with debt vehicles. When qualified, companies can access up to $150,000 in a low-interest loan to support growth and expansion initiatives.

These loans offer long-term financing for business activities such as equipment acquisition, business development, product development or debt consolidation.


  • Fixed interest rate at competitive terms
  • Repayment terms up to 120 months
  • Secured with business assets, and potentially with personal guarantees
  • Monthly payments automatically debited from a designated checking account