Case Studies

New Haven, Connecticut


Potholes. Malfunctioning streetlights. Broken chain-link fences. Most communities have these types of issues, yet many don’t offer an easy way to report them. Frustrated with unsightly graffiti in their New Haven neighborhood, Ben Berkowitz and Miles Lasater co-founded SeeClickFix. The company’s web and mobile app enables people to report non-emergency issues quickly and easily to city officials, creating greater transparency and accountability and enabling a more efficient municipal response. To date, millions of issues have been logged using the app, and more than 80 percent of the complaints have been resolved.

the support and resources


First Invested: 2015

Total Invested: $500,000

Jobs Created: 33

“I knew Ben from his work in New Haven and was immediately impressed by his passion and grit. I thought SeeClickFix was solving important problems and creating solutions to modernize government. Ben and Miles took a problem that was personal to them—graffiti in their neighborhood—and created a better way for citizens to interact with government.”
Matthew Storeygard
Connecticut Innovations
the outcome

SeeClickFix was acquired by CivicPlus, one of the largest integrated communications software providers in the government tech space, in October 2019.