Case Studies

IsoPlexis Exit

When patients need treatment for certain diseases, such as cancer, it’s not always immediately apparent which therapies they’ll respond to best. Branford-based IsoPlexis has developed a technology called single-cell proteomics—the protein equivalent of genomics—that helps doctors better predict disease progression and develop more effective treatments. Featured in dozens of peer-reviewed scientific publications and with versatility demonstrated across a wide range of research areas, the company’s technology isolates single immune cells and analyzes the proteins they secrete. Once doctors understand how various illnesses act at the single-cell level, they can better predict how patients will respond to existing therapies or even create new treatments.

the support and resources

Founded in 2013

IPO 2021

Merger 2022

Sean Mackay
Rong Fan

CI Highlights

  • First investment: 2014
  • First investment amount: $300,000
  • Total invested: $7.6 million
  • Leverage: $300 million
  • Team lead: Daniel Wagner

Jobs Created

“The innovation that IsoPlexis created is different from anything else on the market, and it’s already been recognized with multiple design and innovation awards,” said Daniel Wagner, CI’s senior managing director of investments. “In less than a decade, Sean Mackay and his team have created platforms that are used by researchers around the world, including those working at the top 15 global pharmaceutical companies and nearly 80 percent of leading U.S. cancer centers. Worldwide, millions of patients will benefit from having more effective treatments sooner.”
Daniel Wagner
Senior Managing Director of Investments, Connecticut Innovations
the outcome

In 2021, Mackay took the company public, raising $125 million in an IPO. IsoPlexis said it would use the funds to build out its commercial team and further advance on its path to becoming a major player in the precision medicine industry.

On December 21, 2022, IsoPlexis and Berkeley Lights, a life sciences tools company, announced that Berkeley Lights would acquire IsoPlexis in an all-stock transaction. The combined company will be named PhenomeX.