The TTB program helps companies find (and afford) qualified interns to help them grow and fill in critical gaps on their teams.


Could your business benefit from an extra pair of hands and a fresh perspective? If so, hiring an intern is a great way to go. Student interns can help you build your brand, generate new ideas and develop a pipeline of talent. To help make the process easier, CI portfolio companies can tap into the state’s award-winning Technology Talent Bridge program, which offers up to $25,000 to defray the cost.


The TTB program provides grants to Connecticut small businesses to cover a portion of the intern’s wages for the duration of the project. You can apply for a grant for up to five interns. Participating companies must be at least one year old and registered in Connecticut. Interns must be enrolled at a higher education institution as an undergraduate, graduate or postdoc (must be eligible for full-time hire within two years of the internship’s conclusion). Technology Talent Bridge funds of up to $25,000 are available to cover the hourly costs of student interns at the rate of $15 per hour for undergraduates and $25 per hour for graduate students and postdocs. A 50 percent company match (up to $12,500) is required. Typically, companies find their own interns, though CI can assist in posting your job opening on its website and introducing you to its network of university partners.

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Program Benefits

The Technology Talent Bridge program aims to develop a talent “bridge” between Connecticut-based small businesses and students, with the goal of creating jobs and keeping talent in the state. TTB is designed to:

  • Stimulate job creation through innovation.
  • Facilitate post-graduation hiring of interns by Connecticut companies. (You’re under no obligation to hire your intern, though we hope you’ll want to.)
  • Provide stronger links between Connecticut companies and university students, reducing the likelihood that graduates will leave the state.

If interested, email or call 860-258-7868