UConn Digital Media & Design students are waiting to help portfolio companies with the marketing strategy and content needed to grow and promote their brand.

ATION is a team of UConn Digital Media & Design students with a desire to create the next big thing for their clients. They work with local businesses on marketing strategy and content creation, to help grow and promote their brands.

2D/3D Animation & Video

Sometimes static content doesn’t tell your entire story. The ATION team can bring it to life through 2D/3D animation.


ATION team members think of themselves as builders, animators and producers. They take ideas and turn them into realities.

Marketing & Strategy

ATION values communication, and its team looks for elegant solutions to complex problems. They approach challenges strategically to ensure the success of the company’s innovations.

Social Media

ATION’s team members belong to the demographic that uses social media the most. Let them design a social media plan that creatively reaches your target audience.


Something about a good story captures the human mind and imagination. One of ATION’s jobs is to help you tell your story, because it knows that people will listen. Its team will get to the essence of your organization and help make others follow it.

Web Design

A strong web presence is becoming the standard in the modern world. ATION can help establish your brand’s online territory

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