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Tangen Biosciences (Branford, Connecticut)

According to the World Health Organization, tuberculosis is the second greatest killer worldwide due to a singular infectious agent (a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis).

Case Studies
Posted: Oct 15, 2015

Dura Biotech (Storrs, Connecticut)

Based in Storrs, Connecticut, a startup called Dura Biotech is offering hope to high-risk cardiac patients who need valve replacement surgery.

Case Studies
Posted: Oct 7, 2015

Nufern (East Granby, CT)

Three years after CI’s investment, Nufern was acquired by ROFIN-SINAR Technologies.

Case Studies
Posted: Aug 1, 2013

CiDRA Holdings, LLC (Wallingford, Connecticut)

CiDRA has grown to 120 employees and has been able to sell a number of divisions.

Case Studies
Posted: Aug 1, 2013

Achillion Pharmaceuticals (New Haven, Connecticut)

Achillion completed a successful IPO that yielded $55.3 million in net proceeds, and today, the company has three major products in development for the treatment of infectious diseases.

Case Studies
Posted: Aug 1, 2013

Premise Development Corporation (Farmington, Connecticut)

Premise was acquired by Georgia-based Eclipsys Corporation for $38.5 million.

Case Studies
Posted: Aug 1, 2013