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Content marketing: 55 Proven ways to help your business

With over 85% of all marketers worldwide now using content marketing to get more engagement and sales, no wonder that businesses focus more and more on how content is created, consumed and published. If you intend to do the same, here are some facts on how content marketing can help your business. Presented by

Marketing & Public Relations
Posted: Mar 8, 2017

How to Gain Exposure and Acquire Customers with Google AdWords

Getting exposure for your business is no easy feat. Traditional methods, like public relations and advertising, require skill, time, and money. A full-page, four-color ad in Inc. magazine, for example, will set you back $90,000—and that’s just for a one-time run, and doesn’t include the cost of a designer or copywriter. Fortunately for startups, it’s a brave new world in marketing, and thanks to digital advertising platforms like Google AdWords, gaining exposure and acquiring customers is easier—and less expensive—than ever before.

Marketing & Public Relations
Posted: Nov 30, 2016

Five Steps to Protect Your Digital Health Company’s Reputation

If you’ve been following the Theranos catastrophe, you know that the consumer healthcare technology startup has been skewered in the media for more than a year, accused of a laundry list of misdeeds ranging from promoting technology that just doesn’t work to deliberately misleading investors.

Marketing & Public Relations
Posted: Jun 27, 2016

The ABCs of Getting Noticed (A Marketing Primer)

Marketing an organization, big or small, can be an overwhelming endeavor for any business owner to consider. From paid to earned to owned media, to content marketing, to gamification and more, these terms often have simple definitions behind them. Freelance marketer Amy Hourigan takes us through the ABC’s of marketing and some of the tools that can help you along the path to success.

Marketing & Public Relations
Posted: May 11, 2016

How to Use Twitter for B2B

These days, the value of using Twitter for business is not in question. For many B2B companies, the question often…

Marketing & Public Relations
Posted: Aug 22, 2014

10 Tips on Reaching Out to the Media

You’re busy building your product or service and don’t have the time to add media outreach to your to-do list.…

Marketing & Public Relations
Posted: Jul 16, 2014