Case Study – Arccos Golf LLC


the innovation

The Arccos Golf system puts 14 ultralight sensors on the grip of players’ clubs, synced with their smartphone or watch. It records every shot and delivers real-time data, such as club distances, directional tendencies and GPS mapping.

Arccos Innovation

the support and solutions

  • A $1.5 million investment (November 2015)
  • Douglas Roth joined the Board of Directors
  • Introductions and support through:
    • Entrepreneurs in Residence
    • Participation in CI events
    • CEO networking, plus personal and CI network contacts
Support and Solution

the outcome

  • Grew market adoption of the Arccos Golf GPS Shot Tracking System.
  • Designed and launched second-generation system: Arccos 360, featuring ultralight low-profile sensors and enhanced shot detection algorithm.
  • Partnered with Cobra Golf, Inc., to develop and commercially launch the first connected golf club. A major technological breakthrough, COBRA CONNECT™ features a seamlessly integrated Arccos sensor into each COBRA CONNECT™ driver grip.
  • Partnered with Microsoft Corporation to launch an innovative course management platform called the Arccos Course Analyzer. The system layers a user’s data on top of millions of data points to provide personalized recommendations for optimal strategy on almost every golf hole in the world.

“The introductions to local and NYC-area movers and shakers have helped me and Arccos grow tremendously. CI’s drive to create a stronger network among startup founders and other CEOs is invaluable.”


Sal Syed

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