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Eli Whitney Equity Fund

Providing more than $100 million in funding to some of Connecticut’s fastest-growing, most innovative companies

What is it?

CI’s flagship early-stage investing program is named for Eli Whitney, a Connecticut inventor and Yale alumnus whose cotton gin was a key invention of the industrial revolution. Since 1995, CI has invested more than $100 million in Connecticut’s fastest-growing technology companies through the Eli Whitney Fund. More than money, the fund offers advice, support and introductions to our vast network of mentors, investors and others who share our mission to help high-tech startups succeed. Our reputation for excellence has helped us attract companies to Connecticut from both coasts and as far away as Europe, and our program is considered by many to be one of the best models for state-run venture capital funds in the country.

Do I qualify?

Highly selective with stringent due diligence requirements, CI’s equity fund is reserved for companies that are technology-based and located in Connecticut or willing to move here. We look for companies with innovations, products or services in our core areas of expertise: bioscience, IT, clean tech, photonics and advanced materials. We also look for:

  • Proprietary technology or expertise
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Product in beta stage
  • Proven management team
  • Operations based predominantly in Connecticut
  • Additional investor interest

Funding amount

CI invests up to $1.5 million per round and typically up to a maximum of $7 million in any one company as a single investor, however we prefer to work with other qualified investors to get you the funding you need. Meeting the requirements above does not guarantee funding.

For more information, contact:
Tamyra Davis