Regenerative Medicine Research Fund
Regenerative Medicine Research Fund

Formerly the Connecticut Stem Cell Program, the Regenerative Medicine Research Fund provides millions of dollars in grants each year to scientists and companies that are conducting biomedical or embryonic or human adult stem cell research that shows clinical promise—treatments that will make a real, significant impact on human health.

Snapshot of common characteristics

CI seeks technology-based companies based in Connecticut or willing to move here. We look for innovators in our core areas of expertise: bioscience, IT, clean tech, photonics and advanced materials. While we’re flexible when evaluating a potential partner, we also look for:

Research conducted in Connecticut at an eligible academic institution, nonprofit corporation or hospital, or for-profit company

Scientific merit of the proposed research and conformance to high ethical standards

Potential for collaboration across disciplines and institutions and commercialization, including financial benefits to the state of Connecticut

Research for which federal funding is not available

Commitment of host institution and collaborators to the project, including cost sharing

Translational research and potential for clinical application

Ability to perform the proposed research

We may give consideration to the number of Connecticut stem cell research grants currently held by the principal investigator, and we may give preference to a principal investigator who does not currently have funding from the program.