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Who We Help

How We Help

To maximize each business’s potential, we tailor solutions that often combine our funds with resources from other financial leaders to provide:


Venture capital and strategic support for early-stage technology companies.

CI has a number of equity funds for when you’re ready to take your technology idea or business to the next level. We are highly selective and have a stringent due diligence process, but if you meet our investment criteria, our team will recommend the fund that best fits your needs.


Supporting innovation and collaboration

CI has a number of grants available to help small Connecticut businesses innovate, along with a support team that can help you find and apply for federal funds.

Small Business Connections

Introductions to our vast network of small and big businesses, talent, researchers and more

When you’re busy innovating, you can’t always find the people you need to connect with. CI can help. We offer introductions to our well-established network of partners and professionals, including suppliers, vendors, university researchers, talent and much, much more.