Connecticut has become a prime location for innovative start ups

Connecticut has become a prime location for innovative start ups.

If you are not a well-known coastal innovation hub, creating a culture of entrepreneurship and attracting tech investment can be a challenge. However, even for a state like Connecticut—known just 20 years ago as a crime-ridden, economic punchline—becoming a desirable haven of tech innovation is possible. In fact, with the right development of a supportive ecosystem, startup entrepreneurship can breed more of the same. And the engaged participation of local universities, a belief in unicorns, and an allure of high quality of life, innovation hubs can be created beyond giants like New York and Boston. In the end, it’s all about fostering the right conditions—just look at the growth of Connecticut’s rising tech startup scene. It takes a village.         

Matthew McCooe’s piece deconstructs the complexities of creating an innovation hub beyond coastal cities know for tech startup success. By outlining what Connecticut has done over the past 20 years, Matthew breaks down the specific ingredients that moved the state from a punchline to an attractive destination for tech startup innovation.    

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