Smart Strategies for Addressing Medical Device Reimbursement

Smart Strategies for Addressing Medical Device Reimbursement

Healthcare insurance reimbursement is complicated. But for medical device developers, it can mean the difference between commercialization and failure. Where do you start? When should you start thinking about it? Where do you turn when you have questions?

Edward Berger, Ph.D., founder and principal of the consulting firm Larchmont Strategic Advisors, joined us for “Smart Strategies for Addressing Medical Device Reimbursement” where he explained:

  • Why an understanding of your reimbursement challenge is important at all stages
  • How to navigate the complex landscape of health care billing codes, payment systems and coverage criteria
  • How Obamacare and related changes in health care organization and financing are changing the reimbursement calculus
  • Strategies for securing optimal reimbursement in a timely manner

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About Ed Berger

Edward Berger, Ph.D. is the founder and principal of Larchmont Strategic Advisors, a consulting firm that provides life sciences companies with insurer reimbursement analysis and strategy development services. He is an expert analyst of the legislative, regulatory and economic forces that affect healthcare industry stakeholders, having more than 25 years of experience working in senior management or as a consultant for medical device, biotechnology and health services companies. You can contact Ed at




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