How an Intern Can Impact a Small Business

How an Intern Can Impact a Small Business

Thinking about hiring an intern for your company? Concerned that training one will be too much work, or just plain not worth it? Wondering how an intern can contribute to your company? This podcast features representatives from three Connecticut companies that have had great experiences hiring interns. You’ll learn:

  • How to find and hire interns
  • What types of projects interns can work on
  • How interns can benefit your company
  • What lessons the companies learned after working with interns
  • and more
If you’re interested in hiring your own intern, our Technology Talent Bridge Internship program may be able to help subsidize the cost.

The podcast:

About the Participants

Dawn Alderman

Dawn Alderman is director of automation and production at AxioMx Inc. Dawn applies the latest in epigenetic technology, leading the production of affinity reagents for some of the most challenging targets for customers worldwide. Previously, she was a scientific manager at Affomix (now a part of Illumina). Earlier in her career, Dawn conducted research at Neurogen Corporation and VaxInnate. Dawn also serves as an adjunct faculty member at the University of New Haven. You can contact Dawn at



Dan Delventhal
Dan Delventhal is director of sales and marketing at KenCast Inc. of Norwalk. Prior to joining KenCast in 2013, Dan was vice president of business development at, a leader in business continuity planning and management software and consulting. Previously, he was CEO at, a hosting and IT solutions company he founded and later sold to employees. He also founded and owns MowGreen, an organic, gasoline-free lawncare company. You can contact Dan at



Bruce Seymour
Bruce Seymour is the managing director of MEA Mobile, a product lab based in New Haven. MEA Mobile is Connecticut’s leading mobile and web specialist, having developed over 300 apps and websites for clients since 2012. Bruce is a registered MSI Global Expert and the inventor of four patents. He is a proud member of the Connecticut Technology Council and passionate about apps, Irish stone walls and Connecticut startups. You can contact Bruce at



Dong Wang
Dong Wang is manager of production at AxioMx Inc., a provider of rapid antibody development and production services. The custom, synthetic antibody fragments produced are used by customers in life science research, diagnostic tests and therapeutics development. Dong has extensive knowledge and experience in protein discovery. He was previously protein production group leader at Illumina, senior research associate at Affomix and a biochemist at Arvys Proteins. You can contact Dong at

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