11 Strategies You Can Use to Find the Right New Hires

11 Strategies You Can Use to Find the Right New Hires

Let’s face it, recruiting quality job candidates can be a challenge. Sometimes you just can’t attract enough applicants, and other times you attract an influx of candidates, but none are qualified. Does this sound familiar?

In this webinar, Len Doherty, founder and principal at L.J. Doherty & Associates will teach you:

  • The benefits of pursuing a multi-pronged sourcing strategy
  • Advantages/disadvantages of job boards and professional networks
  • Underutilized candidate sources
  • The value of personal networking

About Len Doherty

Len Doherty has been a retainer-based executive recruiter and staffing consultant since 1983. Since founding L.J. Doherty & Associates in 1991, he has conducted a variety of assignments across all major functional disciplines for clients ranging in size from Fortune 50 to early stage and investor-backed startups. Targeted industry segments mostly include technology, financial services and manufacturing. You can contact Len at Len@ljdassoc.com


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